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10 Ways to Kill Your Diaphragm Pump

It is always nice to receive tips to avoid damaging your double diaphragm pump. Although a  diaphragm pump is a reliable and low maintenance pump type. This also because of the reliable working principle of the pump.  But even then you can damage your pump and reduce the life time a lot. To avoid this, and to get other tips for a long life cycle for your diaphragm pump we put 10 tips on a list, with which you can extend the life of a double acting diaphragm pump, or at least make the pumps’ life a lot easier 😊.


Read about the 10 ways how to kill your diaphragm pump

Air moisture? And dirty air?

Also read about dry dunning and air moisture and how it can affect your pump. If the air at your process location is of low quality, an Anti-Ice Muffler and an air filter can help prevent the pumps to stall and keep running error free.

The most efficient diaphragm pump
It will certainly help if you use the most efficient double diaphragm pump for your application.

Not efficient AODD pumps will have a bigger air consumption and will need more time to do the job. This will generate more maintenance not only at the pump, but also on the compressed air installation. (compressor, dryer, supply pipes,…). Rapid acting air valves & an innovative flow pattern inside the pump are resulting in a higher flow rate, lower air consumption and less maintenance of a pump and compressed air installation.


10 ways front
Read about the 10 ways to kill a diaphragm pump
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