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Diaphragm Pumps: The Workhorse For All Applications

A double diaphragm pump can be found in almost all areas of industry. The design allows the flow to remain constant with the speed of the pump. Moreover, the pump is suitable for handling and transferring liquids of all types and consistencies even in the most challenging environments.

The capabilities of double diaphragm pump are clearly demonstrated in many stages of production and processing, for example the intake of ingredients from tanks.  Also for the transfer of semi-processed and processed products around a manufacturing site right up to the place of distribution.

Better than many other pump principles, a double diaphragm pump is able to pump shear-sensitive fluids.  Maintaining the movement of both viscous and thick fluids and at the same time deliver leak-free operation.
For many industries all this contributes to reducing product loss, lowering energy costs, optimizing plant and equipment uptime, minimizing environmental impact, whilst at the same time delivering products of the highest quality.

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Double diaphragm pumps are excellent for handling all kinds of liquids. whether solids-laden, aggressive or thin and with poor lubricity. Driven by a constant supply of compressed air, this pump type can be used in explosion proof areas where highly volatile liquids and gases are present.

Pumping chemicals and abrasive fluids is always a challenge, but a double diaphragm pump is particularly well suited to such applications. The pumps have excellent properties for handling paint mixture and adding pigments, whilst varnishes and laminates can be pumped without problems. They are used extensively for pumping chemicals such as acids, solvents, resins and latex, and for the most severe applications the solid machined non-metallic diaphragm pumps are available. These diaphragm pumps are completely metal free and are made of solid machined pure PTFE and PE to ensure the highest levels of chemical resistance and leakage protection. 

Containing few components means that installation is simple and mean time before failure (MTBF) is extended, thereby contributing to lower maintenance. Furthermore, being seal-less, they are leak-proof; a factor which makes them ideal for handling potentially hazardous fluids.

Without sacrificing other pump principles: the real workhorse under the pumps is the air operated diaphragm pump!

Front Workhorse AODD
Read more about the technology behind diaphragm pumps
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